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How beefy is your smartphone?

MI4 has 4K video

MI4 has 4K video


When you are called for a meeting with the managing director of a phone company, you had better know you are in for an interesting time.


And so, my meeting with the chairman of MIA Group, makers of Xiaomi Phone, Rutger-Jan Van Spaandonk, at Sheraton Hotels, Ikeja for a chat on the body, soul and spirit of a smartphone is an eye opener. There are many beautiful smartphones that don’t have great functions. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to smartphones. His telephone company is set out to change that.


Spaandonk says most phones sold below N30, 000 in the Nigerian market are glorified feature phones with a touch screen. According to him, like the human body, a phone has a body, soul and spirit.


“A smart person is someone who deploys understanding to reasoning. Our body tells us what to drink. We have a sense of time. As human beings, we have a lot of senses we use. This is also true of the smartphone,” he says.


Using the Antutu App, Spaandonk demonstrates how to know if your phone is truly a smartphone or not. The Antutu App provides analytical information on what is going on with your phone. The Antutu App provides details on the light, proximity, acceleration, temperature and other technical details about the smartphone.


“These are important details that must be on a good smartphone. The light sensor will find out if there is a lot of light. It will increase or reduce the light. Proximity will tell you if it is close to your ears or not. There are many phones missing in action when it comes to these important details.”


"The Nigerian consumers deserves a lot more than they get today when it comes to smartphone," says Spaadonk

“The Nigerian consumers deserve a lot more than they get today when it comes to smartphone,” says Spaadonk

It is for this reason the MIA group is launching its Xiaomi phones to the Nigerian market. According to him, Uber, the car rental company, instructed its drivers to use Xiaomi Phones in a densely populated city like Jakarta. The GPS on the phone enables drivers to navigate their ways around the city easily. “The GPS on the Xiaomi phone is also useful Muslim to get the direction of Mecca at prayer time,” he explains. “It will assist them in knowing the direction for prayers. Compass is an essential feature on a mobile phone. It is a critical component for a smartphone. GPS location, compass and directional sensors are very critical in a smartphone.”


Spaandok says MIA is entering the Nigerian market with two models of the Xiaomi phones, the RedMi 2 and MI4 targeting young professionals. “Users of Xiaomi are in the young age bracket. It appeals to young age bracket because the usage of the device is skewed towards serious things like productivity and entertainment. We are a brand for young professionals.”


Some of the features of the Xiaomi phones include gaming, strong battery life, camera, video (with the MI 4 having 4K video), good storage facility, and a very good chipset.


“The Nigerian consumers deserve a lot more than they get today when it comes to smartphone. And Xiaomi phones are here to give Nigerians a better experience and value for their money,” adds Spaandok.


Prices: RedMI 2, N25, 000; MI 4, N65, 000. Available on

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