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5 Luxurious Superyacht Swimming Pools

Alfa Nero superyacht

Superyacht swimming pools are the epitome of maritime luxury. More and more of the world’s most elite yachts are being designed with on-deck pools that feature waterfalls, swim-up bars, glass bottoms, and infinity edges, to give swimmers the sensation of being on an endless ocean while out to sea. Below are some of them:


  1. Alfa Nero: This is as widely recognized for its pool as it is for its black paint job. The 269-foot superyacht, delivered by the Dutch shipyard Oceanco in 2007, was among the first to have a prominent pool onboard. The pool measures 23 feet long and 11 feet 6 inches wide, which is sizable even by today’s standards. It’s situated at Alfa Nero’s extreme aft end, with a glass wall, for the ultimate infinity effect. The pool can convert to a dance floor or helipad when not in use. Alfa Nero is available for charter through Royale Oceanic starting at $944,000 per week.


  1. The Christina O’s pool

    The Christina O’s pool

    The Christina O’s pool: The late Aristotle Onassis commissioned the bronze-edged pool in 1954, with a mosaic minotaur on its floor. The pool rises to become a dance floor, which was unheard of in those days. The 325-foot Christina O charters for $626,000 per week as part of the central agency of Camper & Nicholsons.


  1. Dilbar superyacht pool

    Dilbar pool

    Dilbar: It is among the five largest superyachts in the world in terms of length. The yacht’s owner is protective of his privacy, so no photos are available of the deck spaces, but it is surely a masterpiece. The pool has 50,000 cubic feet of water—and it’s located inside the yacht. Lürssen, the Garman shipyard that built and this year delivered Dilbar, says it’s the largest indoor pool ever built aboard a yacht. (



  1. Oceanco’s 290-foot superyacht Nirvana

    Oceanco’s 290-foot superyacht Nirvana

    Spanning six decks, Oceanco’s 290-foot superyacht Nirvana features a two-tone exterior that visually separates the steel hull from the aluminum superstructure with a sweeping strip of mahogany-colored paint that extends the length of the boat. Guests onboard this beauty will appreciate the 25-foot-long, oval-shaped, saltwater pool situated aft on the main deck. The pool has an adjustable-depth bottom and jets that simulate a current for swimming in place. Nivrana is available for charter for approximately $1 million through multiple charter brokers.


  1. Feadship’s Lady Christine superyacht

    Feadship’s Lady Christine superyacht

    The pool aboard Feadship’s Lady Christine is cleverly hidden from view. The 223-foot superyacht has a fold-down platform at its transom, which reveals the glass front to the pool. Actually, there are two glass walls, an inner and an outer pane. The pool water flows over the inner pane for a waterfall effect; the outer glass protects the teak and other surfaces. You can charter Lady Christine through Feadship’s charter division for about $550,000 per week.


Culled from Robb Report

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