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AFWN 2016 All Things Bright, Beautiful

Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016

The Africa Fashion Week Lagos (AFWN) 2016 was a display of bold, edgy designs says FUNKE OSAE-BROWN.

It’s the first time I would attend the African Fashion Week Lagos. I must say, I really looked forward to it after I received my invitation. The lobby at the Eko Hotel & Suites was busy when I arrived. Some interesting designs made of bright coloured Ankara fabrics were hanging on the hallway that led to the main exhibition hall.

The aroma of Oud scent pervaded the large hall with visitors moving from one stand to another. No doubt, this edition of the AFWN was well-attended by many fashion vendors. After going on a tour of the pavilion, the commencement of the first show for the last day was announced. We all moved into the hall to witness what could be called entrée of epic designs.

The Designs

Most of the designs showcased at the AFWN were edgy and eclectic, a testament that Nigerian fashion industry has truly come of age. The fashion week offers a veritable platform for new fashion designers to be discovered. And one is not disappointed at the calibre of designers showcased this year.

Many bespoke pieces graced the runway at the AFWN 2016. Bespoke suits, dresses that will bring about a dramatic change to your wardrobe were showcased.

Also, most of the designs will dictate the pace for the fashion industry this year. Exaggerated shoulders were some of the drama brought into the dresses on display for women as seen in pieces by Ade Bakare Couture, Trish O Couture.

Likewise, Cigarette pants returned in a big way as designers turned out a pleasant collection of forever chic cigarette trousers.

Neopele’s collection brings back in full force floral applique which was used to add substance to the pieces making the dresses quite daring.

For lovers of Artwears, handmade clothing with arty designs graced the runway most of which were expressed in very interesting skirts, dresses and pants. Likewise, the Ankara fabric was used to create crop tops and pants that made bold statements. Peplum has been a strong fashion statement since last season, but it is still very relevant this season. Designers showed various tops and jackets with peplum effect.

Finally, designers’ like O Saunders returned to the runway Victorian era designs with a touch of modernity.


The Colours

Bold bright colours in hues of green, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple graced the runway. Nearly all the designers brought these colours to live in a daring and eclectic way. Their interpretation of these colours tell of a new vibe in the fashion industry this era.

Monochrome, black and white, also got a strong showing on the AFWN 2016 runway, especially from Yomi Casual’s collection. Models strutted the runway in classy and comfy collections all in black and white.


A dramatic twist was also brought to the colour red in all shades. Bright red was huge on the runway, either as dresses, or accessories to break up the all black look.

Colour block aficionados were not left behind in the fashion offering at the AFWN 2016.

There were interesting pieces in different colours that were well mixed.

Africa Fashion weekThe Fabric

Floor-length skirts in silk taffeta, tulle, and organza are paired with everything from lace to colourful print tops. The lace fabric was also reintroduced in a new way. It is a fabric that is still very much around as designers created sexy pieces with it.

Of course, the Ankara fabric from Da Viva was well showcased and was creatively put together with other fabric like lace, organza creating diverse yet interesting dresses.

Also sequins and metallic added the sparks on the runways.

If you missed the 2016 edition don’t miss the next edition in 2017.


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