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Stella Adetunji, CEO, Kellas Business Ideas On her Business Weight Management

Stella Adetunji, CEO, Kellas Business Ideas

After the loss of my husband, and with four children to take care of, I got a nudge from God to use what I’ve to get what I want. This resulted in restructuring of our building to accommodate seven tenants for annual rental income. From here, I got into wellness and healthy living.

Our business is designed to help people incubate business ideas by providing channels for growing them. Our current product is helping our clients look better and feel better through the use of the Weight Management Programme with C9, Fit 1, Fit 2. Our company, Kellas Business Ideas is the pathway to wisdom. This opens us up into many areas for development. We plan to have an online package that will grow family legacies.

We have you been in business since October 2013 when I discovered the power of leveraging and networking. We are best known for our Unique Selling Proposition which is helping our clients to make use of what’s available to achieve great results; especially for those who have gone through grief.

What distinguishes our product or service from others is the originality and quality. What sets us apart from others in the field and keeps our clients coming back is the experience and creativity we put into our delivery and product.

When a customer walks into our business they can expect a highly competitive quality brand. What makes us unique is we offer a healthier lifestyle equal to none in the industry.

What stands us out is the well finished quality and highly effective products with the opportunity available to all concerned.

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