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Nature’s Call


Nestled in the Omu Creek, Omu Resort is truly a place to get wrapped in the cosy arms of nature. Located at 1 Omu Resort Drive off Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Way, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, it is the place to be for an unrivalled fun and adventure.  Presenting nature at its best, the resort creates a lasting memory for every guest and visitor. All of the attractions at the resort are designed to meet the need of everyone.

There are many activities to engage in or experience at the resort. You can visit the Zoo where you can interact at close range with different animals. You can see the king of the jungle, the lion, an experience that brings wild life close to you. It an adventure you will surely want to embark on to interact with different animal species like reptiles, birds among others.  You have nothing to fear about getting attacked as the animals are well secured in the cages.

The Seaworld at the resort ushers you into an untold world of sea creatures. The colourful interplay of different species of fish swimming in their natural habitat will surely take your breath away. There are fish species which you wouldn’t believe exist.  Omu Resort offers you opportunity to have a feel of the sea world and everything that lives in the sea.

The Wax Museum at Omu resort is the first in Africa. The art pieces on display at the museum are made of wax. There are statues of past leaders in Nigeria, from Presidents to governors are a must-see. Most of the images appear so real to have been made of wax.

If you are a lover of shooting arrows, then the archery is a place to see when next you are at the resort. It will be a good opportunity to truly experience the art. Giving you a platform to practice your skills in archery, the resort has facilities where you can be trained in archery.

For a well-deserved family holiday, you can hang-out with your loved ones at the amusement park. You can have a ride of a life time with your family on the Hully gully dip, Tilt a whirl, Chair swing and many more.

In addition, you can get onto the Mini golf to play a game of golf with your friends while the children hangout at the kiddies play or go horse riding.  You may also want to go Quad biking, Kart riding, or try out the Wave pool or get on the Hook and Grill.

Omu resort is also a great place to enjoy tasty meals. There are many spots to eat in the resort which are affordable, accessible, serving different varieties of food. They have the suya and asun spot, a place for drinks and any type of meal you desire. These meals are prepared and served in a clean environment. With this, you need not bother about going out to get food as it is within your reach.

The resort does not offer accommodation. Hence if you are visiting outside of Lagos, there are several hotels within the vicinity you can lodge. You may want to stay at the Royal Park Hotel & Suites located at Km 36, Lekki-Epe Expressway Eputu, Ibeju-Lekki. You may also consider the Limeridge Hotel Lekki, a 3-Star hotel at 10 Chevron Drive, Northern Foreshore Estates, Lagos.

Both hotels offer affordable services. All rooms are en-suite, they come with refrigerators, free Wi-Fi connection, cable TVs, room safes, lampshades and workstations, a gym and spa, clean swimming pools. Room rates are between N13,000 to N15,000 a night.

Ticket to access the facilities at Omu resort starts fromN7, 000 per person.

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