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Luxury Skin care, Epara Now At Alara Lagos

Luxury Skin care, Epara Now At Alara Lagos

The Nigeria luxury industry is growing increasingly with the introduction of the newly launched Epara Skincare range. After the launch of Epara at Harrods the next target was Nigeria. On Sunday September 242017, Epara launched exclusively at Alara Lagos.

The skincare range is the first luxury skin care line for women of colour. Founder, Ozohu Adoh who attained her MBA at Oxford University and worked in finance, strategy, planning and business development in the oil and gas industry. Adoh was experiencing difficulty finding skincare products that worked for her melanated skin.

Determined to find ingredients that worked for her skin she started mixing oils in her kitchen and using the oils she made her own personal care. She started to a difference in how her skin looked and felt. It was not too long till others started to notice too. The high level of interest on her skin care regimen, prompted Adoh to form a team of skin care specialists and take her product to market.

In 2015, Ozohu began working with a UK lab to super-charge these bio-available ingredients, such as moringa oil, marula oil and shea butter, with advanced scientific formulations and Epara was born.

The range is between 95 percent–100 percent natural throughout and is free from synthetics, mineral oils and harsh chemicals. Epara has been a huge success with customers of all backgrounds and as expected the product has done exceptionally well amongst The Nigerian Diaspora in The U.K.

The event had in attendance many Lagos based beauty enthusiasts. Prices range between N22 000- N102 000 naira. Epara is described as a much-needed product that will revolutionize the African beauty industry.

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