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Erin Ijesa Waterfall: A Nature’s Gift To See

Erin Ijesha Waterfall also known as Olumirin Waterfall


The lapping sound of the spring could be heard miles away as we climb the muddy dilapidated stairs of the water fall. The coolness of the spring permeates everywhere. After walking for about ten minutes we came face-to-face with the famous Erin-Ijesa waterfall. The water cascades down slimy rocks turned green by the constant flow of water. Broken pieces of rocks serve as stepping stones through which we climb up to the water.

Osun state presents nature at its peak to any visitor or guest. Visiting Osun state without visiting Erin-Ijesa Waterfall also known as Olumirin waterfall in Erin-Ijesa community is not complete, no wonder the slogan of Osun State is “land of virtue” because the state offers an experience that is worth it. History has it that the waterfall was discovered by one of the daughters of Oduduwa, Akinla who founded the Erin-Ijesa town in the year 1140AD when the people of Ife were migrating to Erin-Ijesa

The waterfall is two kilometers off Erin-Ijesa community and it offers any visitors and guests an experience to last for a long time. The indigenes in Erin-Ijesa believes the waterfall is a very tall spirit whose mouth gushes out water.

The calm nature and serene environment makes it exciting for any tourist to visit. Hearing the water drops is also something to look forward. One fascinating thing about the Erin Ijesa waterfall is the fact that the water gushes out from seven chutes which flows over a cliff. It is really an amazing sight to behold. There are so many things Osun State is blessed with and the Erin Ijesa Waterfall is one.

There are so many things to do in Erin Ijesa waterfalls including swimming, diving, hiking but above all, one thing to do in Erin Ijesa waterfall is to have fun and admire nature. We rarely behold a lovely sight like Erin Ijesa waterfall and when we get one, we should create a memory.


How To Get There

You can travel to Erin Ijesa through the Lagos/Ibadan Experessway and then connect to the village through Ile-Ife/Ijesa road. You can travel in your own car or solicit the services of a tour company to organise your trip. If you are an international visitor, you can fly to the Ibadan Airport and organise a shuttle that will take you to Erin-Ijesa is about an hour and forty-nine minutes.


Where To Stay

For easy access to the waterfall, it is best to stay in the town close to Erin-ijesa which is Ilesa. Ilesa town has many hotels that are very convenient, less expensive, comfortable with a serene environment. For instance, the Sambeatz Hotels which is located in Ilesa and a few minutes-drive to the waterfall. The hotel is known for its top hospitality to any guests and visitors. The rooms are very much accommodating with features including air conditioner, flat screen, en-suite bathroom, a plush size bed, swimming pool, gym, Wi-Fi, laundry service and other features to make you feel at home. They also offer local and foreign delicacies. The platinum room is N19,000 with breakfast services.

The Gold City Hotels which is also located in Ilesa, is a lovely hotel you can lodge in with each rooms fully air-conditioned, free Wi-Fi, laundry service, a gym, a swimming pool, a TV, and a bar. The environment is security guarded and services offered in the hotel to every guest is accommodating. The Double Deluxe room cost N7,000

Also, there is Diganga Legacy Hotel which is located along Ife-Ilesa Road. The hotel is well-known for its serene environment and offers a homely ambience. It offers variety of local meals with a lounge, a well-furnished and air-conditioned room having free Wi-Fi, a gym, a laundry service and every other service that you desire which can be arranged for you.


Where To Eat

Although, the hotels offer you foreign and local delicacies but if you desire to have a taste of local cuisines and have a feel of the town’s vibes, you can visit Olorunwa Food Cateen, which is located at Oja-Aba Ilesa. The environment is nothing to worry about as the restaurant boasts of a clean environment offering you any kind of meal you desire including meals popularly eaten by indigenes in Osun state.

Captain Cook is also a nice restaurant to eat at and it is located on Oshogbo-Ilesa road. For international visitors who have not had a taste of Nigeria’s foreign dishes, Captain cook offers you with the opportunity.


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