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Wahl Clipper, A Grooming Tool You Need

Haircut and hairstyles remain a critical component of human lifestyle both for celebrities and the average citizen. Everybody desires to look right, that is why some people do not mind spending much to seek for the services of skilled barbers.

Lots of saloons keep springing up in every corner of the street, a trend that has helped hairstylists and barbers increase their daily income. This is no surprise because grooming for men especially is beginning to take a new leave.

Barbers are not just ordinary artisans; they are also relevant stakeholders in the lifestyle industry. For them to perform skilfully, the clipper type remains an indispensable tool for them. This cannot be emphasized because barbers are beginning to understand that a good clipper goes a long way in making them display their barbing skills.

One of the Clippers most barbers use in Nigeria and beyond is the Wahl Clipper, global leading men grooming tool introduced to the Nigerian market by J. Green and Sons Mbadiwe two decades ago.

Interestingly, barbers in Nigeria are getting more united annually, even with other professionals such as the hairdressers, cosmetologist. They meet periodically for dialogue on issues that affect them.

The 25th annual Barbers Competition organized by the Lagos State Barbers, Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Association (LABHCA), had all these professionals in attendance, including other operators in the lifestyle industry.

At the event, Chief Victor Mbadiwe, the Chairman of J.Green Mbadiwe & Sons gave out cash prizes and Wahl clippers to the winners, while offering 40% price discount for all Wahl clippers sold at the event.

He lamented that there had been an influx of fake products, which makes it a bit difficult to distinguish. The issue, according to Mbadiwe has disrupted sales and increased complaints from those who have fallen preys. However, claimed that all efforts are put in place to checkmate the excesses of these perpetrators.

​”It’s been a fight. We keep doing our best to curb the situation. It’s not been easy, but we have to protect our market. We look out where the perpetrators have their warehouses, and we call on law enforcement agencies to ensure that they are brought to book. It’s been a fight, I must say.”

He urges the barbers who were present at the competition to be proud of their profession, as he sees them as an important stakeholder in the lifestyle industry.

“I want you to be proud of your profession because your work is significant.  Anyone who wants to look good comes to you irrespective of their job, be it the president or a senator, they all need the services of a barber.

Speaking of men’s grooming, Chief believes that male grooming in Nigeria is gradually gaining recognition and most people limit it to clothes, but a man’s fashion goes beyond what he wears.

“The fact remains that the overall look of a man goes beyond that, it starts from the head. What hair-cut is he wearing? Is he clean-shaven or not?

Remember, the hair needs daily grooming which starts from the barbing salon. If you don’t use the right clipper, you will end up with cuts or bruises that can lead to some skin diseases.”

The head is the most critical part of the body, and before you can appreciate the beauty and style of a person, you start from the head. So never look down on yourself. This competition is what you should be proud of. You all look good.

This is an art. The Wahl product is what you can be proud of to ease your skills.  We are always here for you,” he told the finalists who were judged based on their professionalism, creativity, finishing, and handling of the tool

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