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Guess Who Was Spotted Wearing A Vintage Patek Phillipe Watch?

president of Russia Federation, Vladimir Putin


Guess who was spotted wearing a vintage Patek Phillpe wrist watch? It’s none other than the president of Russia Federation, Vladimir Putin. Recently, he was seen wearing a rare Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Moonphase 5039 R in 18K Rose Gold priced at $50,000.00

Patek Phillipe is one of the top wrist watch brands as collectors’ item. Patek Philippe is one of the most collected brands in the country because its condition, scarcity and complications.

Like old wine the older the make and date of the wristwatch, the more expensive and valuable the watch becomes. In 2012, the most expensive wristwatch sold at an auction was a Patek Philippe chronograph from 1928, which was sold in Geneva for $3.6 million according to online reports.

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