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Here Is What World’s Biggest New Starbucks In Shanghai Looks Like


The newly opened Starbucks café in Shanghai, China is the biggest store Starbucks Corp. will have outside the United States, its home country.

The 30,000 square-feet store which was opened on Wednesday is about half the size of a football field. This is part of chic move by Starbucks backed by its founder and Chairman Howard Schultz.

“It’s obvious to us that the holding power of China for Starbucks is going to be much more significant than the holding power of the U.S.,” Schultz said Tuesday at a briefing to unveil the new café reports UK Independent. China is on course to be the company’s largest market in less than a decade, he added.

Located on West Nanjing Road shopping strip, customers are already thronging the cavernous new outlet to watch beans being roasted, sample high-end brews and use a Starbucks augmented-reality digital app to interact with the store. Inside the roastery, customers have the rare privilege to see how the coffee is made. Customers can see coffee beans rattling down the pipes and banisters heating coffee as it is being processed and served immediately.

Here is what the interior of the new store looks like:

starbucks china

Customers have the rare privilege to see how the coffee is made.



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