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Meet Angelo Tantillo, The Tea Tailor At Harrods

  • The man who creates bespoke tea



A slight, dapper Italian with an impeccably trimmed moustache like an Arabian monk, Angelo Tantillo stands behind a huge desk surrounded by well arranged tins of tea.

He is the tea tailor at Harrods with speciality in blending truly bespoke tea with a completely individual brew.

Harrods initially opened in 1834 as a tea merchant with new Roastery and Bake Hall, where personalised high-end teas are brewed.

For a start, Tantillo will ask customers about their special tastes and the proceed to create a tea to match their taste. A personalised tin of tea costs N14, 457.49 (£30).

Then, he would get his clients to sniff different tea leaves to know the one that most suit their palates. From dried rose petals as a base to cardamom, red pepper and star anise, mixing all together in a large metal bowl.

He is truly a skilful tea blender. He would later add an embellishment here and there until there is a mutual satisfaction between the client and him.  The final blend, a beautiful rose pink with green cardamom and red pepper, will be placed in a stylish Harrods Tea Tailor tin. Tantillo would keep a record of the personal blend in his little black book of tea recipes.

“Angelo is an expert in layering flavours and can guide you on a journey to blend a tea that you would never have imagined,” says Alex Dower, director of food and restaurants at Harrods told How To Spend It in a report. “He has mixed thousands of teas during his career.”

When next you are in London, if you are a tea lover, just visit Harrods for that personalised tea blend.




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