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Scentify Blending Unique Fragrances

Buky Akinmboni , co-founder, Scentify

Buky Akinmboni , co-founder, Scentify

Two good friends, Bolaji Fasanya and Buky Akinmboni decided to come together to start a house of perfumery to manufacture different locally made reed diffusers, scented candles, room sprays and more.

Fasanya is the administrative geek among the two. She ensures the business idea is sustained and sources the best materials at reasonable costs. She constantly has her nose in the books to ensure every money is well spent and provides the business with all the resources, tools and equipment required to run a hitch free business. With a background in marketing, project management, and finance, Fasanya perfectly balances creativity, supply chain management, and numbers.


On the other hand, Akinmboni functions as the creative director. She uses her senses to blend fragrances that will excite their clients. She also looks after the sales, marketing and distribution of the brand. With a strong creative and marketing background and a passion for scents, Akinmboni is just the perfect person for her role.


Aside their friendship, both ladies had previously partnered on other business ideas which never really got off the ground. However, in 2014 Fasanya suggested the idea of starting a candle making company. Then, it was quite novel to produce candles locally and there was a market for people who love scents not necessarily candles. Akinmboni being a candle and scent lover thought it was a fantastic idea. And so, the duo began a journey to redefine scent consumption in Nigeria when they introduced the fragrance culture to a wider set of individuals – not just the exposed upper class but even the aspiring middle class.

From then on, it has been a long road of research, training and investment, test batches, product testing until their first candle was sold in December 2015.

A luxury fragrance brand for the home and body, Scentify’s products are hand made with love to provide the ultimate scent experience.

Their offerings include scented candles, reed diffusers, wax melts, room sprays and car fresheners. Last October, a range of scented body products was introduced to their product range. The new line consists of scented body butters, hand creams, hand washes, shower gels, luxury bars soaps, body mists and massage oils.


“Apart from creating lovely scented products,” explains Akinmboni, “we are also very passionate about inspiring our consumers and even the society at large. This has formed part of the ethos of our brand. And so, at a very basic level, we ensure that each product in a consumer’s hand carries a word of motivation, inspiration or encouragement to help them be and do better. At a communal level, we do our bit to support causes that will impact the overall quality of life of an individual or a community.”


Through carefully selected fragrances sourced from different countries around the world, Scentify wants to give that ultimate scent experience to its users.

“We blend these fragrances sourced from different countries, locally to create products that smell fantastic. Different factors influence our scent blends, ranging from marketing to consumer demand. Sometimes we create scents that will allow the brand to be relevant to a wide set of potential customers. Other times, we create scents because customers are demanding a kind of fragrance. But most importantly, we blend scents that will elicit a positive emotion such as joy, peace, love, etc. We keep our blends original and use scents that are familiar to the Nigerian consumer.”

As the brand grows, she says Scentify’s blending will be inspired by memories of things, people, situations its consumers have experienced.

“Inspiration and motivation are a big part of our DNA. And so, we give our product names that will uplift the user such as Splash of Hope”, Whiff of Glory, “‘Joy Pour, ”Waft of Happiness, etc. These names are also tied to the emotion or feelings the fragrance blend delivers. For instance, our Sandalwood, Lemon and Vanilla candle is called Dose of Peace because the blend just has a way of calming one down,” she explains.

In addition, Scentify does scent branding by creating a scent logo for brands which can be diffused in their brand spaces and captured in physical products such as candles, diffusers, room sprays, body butters, body mists, hand creams, hand washes and shower gels.

“We do customised products and gift packs for corporate and individual events. We offer our products in special packaging for an even more luxurious feel. Also, we create customised fragrance blends for individuals aside our regular range of fragrances.”

With a strong presence in Lagos, the Scentify brand has been penetrating other parts of the country and recently it was part of a pop up exhibition in the United Kingdom.

“The brand has been very well received,” says Akinmboni confidently. “People find it very difficult to believe it is a ‘Made in Nigeria’ brand because the packaging is of global standards. They are even more surprised when they use the product and it delivers even better than some of the imported brands they use.”

Although perfumery may not be a big deal in Nigeria yet, Akinmboni and her partner are making remarkable progress with their brand.

“Considering that we are selling a luxury product in a recession, and also looking at the goals we have set for ourselves, we can tell that we are succeeding in this market. We are however not playing at the level where we are commanding major market share, but we are confident that if we continue to excite our customers with our scent offers and deliver the great quality, Scentify will become a household name in the not too distant future.”

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