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October 2018

Here Is To You Trish O. Couture’s Paris Collection, La’Vache Vintage Magnifique

Fashion label, Trish O. Couture has introduced its Paris collection, La’Vache Vintage Magnifique.  La Vache is a French word which means an expression of surprise or admiration, while magnifique means magnificent. The word “La vache” was an expresssion she picked from one of her trips aboard. The La Vache Vintage Magnifique collection is a…


African Luxury Brand To Watch

SIWWAA African Heritage Reimagined There is an emerging African Luxury brand shining forth from East Africa. It is a brand that has made a bold entry into the African luxury sector with its iconic bag Chanzo. Aptly named Siwwaa, a contemporary reinterpretation of the Siwa, an ornately carved side blown…