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Here Is To You Trish O. Couture’s Paris Collection, La’Vache Vintage Magnifique

Fashion label, Trish O. Couture has introduced its Paris collection, La’Vache Vintage Magnifique.

 La Vache is a French word which means an expression of surprise or admiration, while magnifique means magnificent.

The word “La vache” was an expresssion she picked from one of her trips aboard.

The La Vache Vintage Magnifique collection is a blend of refined fashion style and elegant outfit. There’s so much precision and accurate details on all of the outfits. Blending the Africa culture (Ankara) into each outfit to make a statement, the originality of the Africa heritage. 

With stones, Net and a bit of the western culture.

“Let’s just say, it is the Africa/western culture blend together to unite a Magnifique world, says Trish O, the owner of the eponymous label.

We have the Victorian queen ruffle dress, the vintage red Michelle dress, the vintage black wing dress and the sanguine frill dress, just to mention a few in the collection.

We are so excited to introduce this collection because, it has been a vision for a long time. I am so glad to show Paris and the world a taste of Nigeria (Africa) culture with style. 

We always make you look good with all the pieces in the Trish O. Collection.”

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