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Louis Vuitton Now Allows You Customise Sneakers With New ‘Now Yours’ Program

louis vuitton sneaker-yellow_pm1_detail-view

Louis Vuitton sneaker yellow


For the first time, luxury house, Louis Vuitton now allows consumers customise sneakers and other menswear with its new Now Yours program.

Louis Vuitton is not alien to customisation. Previously, the French heritage house allowed clients monogram its leather goods and travel items through its ‘Mon Momogram’ programme. Clients can use their initials as superimposing stripes and blocky letters in bold colours over its iconic LV logo. This has become fashionable and useful among its exclusive clients to keep track of their luggage. But with the new Now Yours program, now available at Louis Vuitton boutiques in France, the brand is taking things up a notch: allowing its men’s clothing and sneakers to be customised.

The stylish exercise in personal branding begins with selecting the pieces you want to customise. From the brand’s luxe calf-leather upgrade to your varsity bomber jacket to its crisp dark denim jeans and jackets. After this, you can switch your initials for the iconic L’s and V’s, stamping it on a back pocket or length of a sleeve with the same Mon Monogram pattern you customized your go-to weekend bag with.

Louis Vuitton sneaker-blue_pm1_detail2-view1

The heel can be customised too

With 10 colourways and nearly 100 combinations to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice on which one to go for. Number and letter patches can also be added to jeans and outerwear, lending a chunky cardigan or silky bomber jacket a playful collegiate vibe.

However, Louis Vuitton’s sporty Run Away sneakers offer the most room for personalisation. In addition to adding your initials on the outside upper or heel tab of the shoe, you can mix and match nine colours of calf leather, four colours of alligator, and four different LV monogram canvas colourways to build the body of your shoe. Once you have decided on a design, your sneakers will be sent back to the brand’s shoemaking workshop in Fiesso D’Artico, Italy and your ready-to-wear to one of its workshops in France to be completed. In six to eight weeks, your sneakers will be delivered to your door.

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