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IVH SME Fair’s First Outing

Different small businesses dotted the landscape at the Muri Okunola Park penultimate Saturday for the first ever IVH SME Fair. The entire space was filled with SMEs registered in the IVH Yellow Pages, a publication by Lawretta Ogrih.

Say Ogrih is ambitious with her project, you will not be wrong. She is a woman driven by the passion for SMEs to succeed.

“Our goal with the IVH Yellow pages is to provide information to consumers on where they can find what they need either on the Lagos Island or Mainland. We want to them have access to information at any time they need it,” she explained.

The maiden edition of the IVH SME Fair.

She said that as the festive season approaches, consumers are in need of special bargains just as businesses what to meet their prospective clients, this informed the organisation of the maiden edition of the IVH SME Fair.

“I wanted a venue that will be a rallying point for consumers coming from the Mainland and Island as far as Ajah and Epe. That is the reason I settled for Muri Okunola Park. The success has been amazing. Consumers and business owners are happy to be here to buy items at affordable prices.”

In addition, she said the vision behind the Yellow Pages has fuelled the development of the fair as more SMES signed up via the organisation’s social media pages.

“We are compiling more businesses. Some businesses who are not in our Yellow Pages, have contacted us via our Instagram page to signifying their interest to be a part of the fair. It is remarkable how successful the first edition has been.”

Ogrih expects the fair to be a yearly affair as she intends to expand the scope. This year, there were vendors from different categories of SMEs such as clothing, hair care and accessory, jewellery, household appliances, leather goods and more.

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