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A Premium Accessory For Keeps



New brand, FC Accessories is making an ambitious entry into the premium accessory sector with a new line up of cufflinks, studs, bracelets, neck pieces and other customised accessories.  The brand started operations in 2017, and it is gradually becoming the reference point for unique and stylish accessories.

The fashion sector in Nigeria has witnessed a major boom in the last one decade. An average of 6 out of 10 Nigerians have become more fashionable. So also have accessories gradually become a staple in the fashion mix of the 21st century stylish individual.

“However, very few unique pieces are obtainable within our shores, explains Tosin Olukuade, creative director, FC Accessories. Most people either buy when they travel out of the country or make do with whatever they can lay their hands on locally.  In 2017, having taken a closer look at the ever-expanding Nigerian fashion space; its broad value chain and the constant need for the very stylish individual to pay attention to the minute details that accentuate their lifestyle, we decided to create a premium accessory brand to cater to these individuals, corporates and elite groups.”

FC Accessories pieces include exquisite cufflinks and studs. Its exclusive clients otherwise called FC Tribe Members have endorsed its leather and steel bracelet collection and choice rings are ‘must haves’.   Among its customized designs are a special 20th anniversary leather bracelet and neckpiece design for Spirit of David, a global dance club headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. FC Accessories have also designed a Naija themed bracelet that was released just before the 2018 World Cup. Its line of collections and pieces keep increasing with every fashion calendar year.


Recently, the brand unveiled its new luxury collection of cufflinks with the tagline #historyinabox. In keeping with the ethos of the brand as an accessory lifestyle brand, it believes in telling the story of each of its pieces, what they represent, and the need for each client to possess the aura of the history they carry in the set of cufflinks they own. These qualities endear them to the targeted public.

The uniqueness of the designs and the overall impeccable presentation became talk points that grew into conversations about lifestyle distinctions. The luxury collection comes in an exquisite piano finished, wooden box with a velvet inlay, a velvet bag and a gift box, making it a perfect personal gift.

cufflinks“At FC, we love to fuse different materials into our design collections,” Olukuade says of its bracelet collection. We work with leather, steel, silver, gold, crystals, gemstones and other materials that give the unique finished pieces everyone would love to have in their personal collection.”

Inspired by the grand design of life, history, culture, now and tomorrow, the collections by FC Accessories are rich in African history. “We love history. And we hop around it, sometimes, travelling way back. Culture: we borrow from both past and present. You’d see the influence of pop culture in some of our present offerings. We immerse our thinking in the now, pulling inspiration from things around and we verge on the precipice of the future through imagination. The desire to create statement pieces that accessorize individual styles in a way that is peculiar to them headlines our considerations for the final product. This is also reflected when designing for corporate clients too.”

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