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Earthlords Townhouse Capsules: Heaven on Earth

Premium urban developers like Earthlords Properties are defying the constraints of the metropolis by creating imaginative luxury apartment that is changing the game of modern living writes FUNKE OSAE-BROWN.

Who would have believed the new Lagos will start its ascent from its boundary into Arepo, that life could now begin there? The hustling and bustling, heavy traffic congestion, pollution that is characteristic of Lagos Island is giving way to a new haven of comfort which has made it possible for people to know that ‘living long, living safe’ is now the new mantra, hence the reason for the choice of Arepo G.R.A.

Located on a large expanse of land is the luxurious Capsule Townhouses being developed by Earthlords Properties, a division of Earthlords Group. The Earthlords Properties Townhouse Capsule is situated within popular Grenadines Citiview Home, also known as Arepo G.R.A., a controlled environment full of class and exquisite beauty.

No doubt, the Nigerian property market is experiencing a rebirth as many luxury apartments are springing up upscale neighbourhoods like Ikoyi, Lekki, Ajah, and Victoria Island. What stands the move by Earthlords Properties out is creating a luxury apartment at a unique location like Arepo where no one could ever think of. But the idea seems to sit perfectly with the like of Grenadines Homes and Earthlords Properties changing the story of the neighbourhood.

The estate comes with a serene environment away from the highway noise and fully established functioning amenities that belies the surrounding atmosphere.  One could not help but marvel at the simply breathtaking location.

“This is our debut into property development,” says Debo Atiba, CEO, Earthlords Group, “prior to this time our core has been construction support which we have been a part of for many years. Our experience in construction support and strategic partnership has been of immense help in birthing this project.”

According to him, the Townhouse Capsule is one of Earthlords Properties numerous sophisticated designs being brought on board to change the concept of property development in the 21st century.

“Our focus on Townhouse,” he explains, “is to redefine what class and style are in property development. Behind every great development there is first of all great thoughtfulness. There is an adage in Yoruba that says “Aso Igba la n da fun gba” meaning it is the cloth of the season you wear for the season. For us, it is  redefinition. It is the season of revolution which birth freshness.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      a

Atiba says the unique selling point for the property is the grandeur and the level of creativity that goes into its creation.

Atiba says the unique selling point for the property is the grandeur and the level of creativity that goes into its creation.

Atiba says developing Townhouses of this nature becomes necessary at an age when the taste of young people have changed dramatically. “Our entry into the property development market is very Strategic, the Era of the Baby Boomer is gone, you have new set of people born into an age where all they know, feel or touch is sophistication, technology, digitalization you cannot give them less than what they deserve,” he adds.

He explains that the aim is to create a state-of-the-art property that will be a game changer in the Nigerian property market.  “Our intention is to single ourselves out of the crowd and making ourselves visible to our customers that we are the one they have been waiting for, the change.”

The set of Townhouses is billed to change the concept of modern living. It is not a surprise when Atiba says the target market is the new crop of young professionals “who understand style, who cares for luxury who are keen on excellence and upward looking are our target market. Old people who want to relive their youthfulness are welcome on board also. Your only qualification for our type of Townhouse is your ability to spell class, beauty, excellence and luxury, nothing more. They are our target; market middle class upward.”

Earthlords Capsule Townhouses situated within popular Grenadine Homes boasts of modern facilities. There is an asphalt road networks, underground electrification, good drainage System, CCTV security network including helicopter/helipad services for a total luxury living and comfort.

“Within the estate we have estate bus shuttle services, treated water supply, pedestrian boulevard, paradise promenade/ reflective pools, perimeter fence, street light/ illumination, and estate club house. For those who love sport we have Tennis Court, Basket Ball Court, Swimming Pool, Garden Park/ Picnic Football Pitch (5-a-side), Gym, Bar/Salon/Boutique and a place of worship. Locating our Townhouses within such an estate is double blessing.”

Atiba says the unique selling point for the property is the grandeur and the level of creativity that goes into its creation. “This is the part I love the most, I cannot stop talking about it, thinking about it alone excites me. Little wonder we call it “The Most Exotic Townhouse Capsule in the World”, the appearance is grandeur and pristine, towering in height and frowning menacingly on morbid, outdated design houses with internal beauty of great consequence. Ours is the first with personalised home elevator for each unit of the Townhouse, you can ride majestically all day long in your own palace. Ours is the first with solar power system, which is classic. Ours is the first with state of the art wireless security system plus personalised audio system in each room and many more.”

Finally, Atiba says the first set of Capsule Townhouses will be completed in the last quarter of 2016. “We are delivering the first set of the Townhouses by November 30th of 2016, Construction is underway already and we are channelling our effort into ensuring that we don’t disappoint our subscribers, they can’t wait for it to finish, but we have assured them that it’s worth the wait,” he says.

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