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July 2016

La Diosa Ring

La Diosa Ring

This Sypha ring is encrusted with delicate details inspired by nature. Bold and striking, this ring is a necessary addition…

Melchio clock

Arty Clocks

It seems the taste of pendulum is swinging back towards appreciating clocks as objects of artistic and sculptural beauty write…

Sarah & Sorrentino Scarf

Just Scarf

The summer months are here. Colourful fashion accessory like scarf comes in different hues says LARA OLADUNNI Sarah & Sorrentino…

Zimmermann Chroma Colour-block Swimsuit

Top 6 Summer Essentials

Summer is here and BEATRICE ISOLA picks some fashion must-have items for this season. Zimmermann Chroma Colour-block Swimsuit Designed in…

Zuma Rock Abuja Nigeria

Enchanting Abuja

Summer can’t be more fun than experiencing the city of Abuja. BEATRICE ISOLA highlights things you need to know about…