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Europe, US Celebrate National Rum Day

National Rum Day

August 16, every year has been set aside in Europe and the United States to celebrate rum. Named National Rum Day, it is usually a time to celebrate the syrupy sweet flavour, tropical spice tanginess and strong association with tiki drinks, rum is the quintessential summer spirit.

Typically, National Rum Day is celebrated during one of the warmest times of the year when the taste buds crave refreshing, island-style flavours.

Beyond mixing tasty cocktails, people with urbane taste pour themselves glasses of something sophisticated, complex, and amber. The best aged rums are the equal of great whiskies or cognacs.

According to the United States Distilled Spirits Council, whisky sales rose almost 5 percent in the United States from 2014 to 2015, and tequila and cognac sales rose more than 7 percent.

From various spots in the Caribbean and Latin America, run the gamut from sweet to dry, from smooth to spicy preserved in aged drum. There is always something for everyone every National Rum Day.

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