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Elie Berchan Unveils La Table, New Collection of Napkins, Table Linen In Nigeria

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Lebanon based wedding and event planning company, Elie Berchan has unveiled its new collection of premium table covers and napkins in Nigeria at The George Hotel, Ikoyi.

Named La Table, the new collection features bespoke handmade linen carefully crafted to suit different needs and occasions like weddings, birthday, and home use.

“The table linen comes in different styles and designs. They are made of cotton in high number of thread that you will find in a bedsheet. It comes in different colours like beige, burgundy and blue. Some of our clients have used them as gifts for guests as well,” explains Berchan, founder Elie Berchan.

table cover

Berchan says the napkins and table covers are available in diverse material.

Berchan says the napkins and table covers are available in diverse material and can be tailormade to suit the customer’s demand. The table linen comes with detachable edges that can be removed or replaced which allows for the colours to be combined to suit different colour codes for every occasion.

“They are available in silk, Jacquard, satin, Taffeta. It depends on the customer’s demand. The theme is the customer’s demand but we come up with materials suitable to maintain.” In addition, he says some of these napkins and table linen have become keepsakes for brides after their weddings.


The table linen comes in different styles and designs.

Berchan says his company is also into luxury destination wedding planning. He plans an average of 15 weddings in a year.

“We created a London Central Park themed wedding for a couple in Lebanon. It took us 21 hours and 80 people to set up the venue. It was a record. It usually takes days to achieve this. Is it something I want to do again in 21 hours? No. Give me three days, I will be cooler,” he says.

With presence in eight countries, the La Table collection is available online, by appointment and in stores across Nigeria. They are designed and made by tailors in Lebanon and can be delivered eight weeks after the day they are ordered.

table linen

The table linen and napkins are handmade in Lebanon

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