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A Book For Lagos

Phenomenal Lagos


Lagos is a pulsating cosmopolitan city with an infectious personality. It is an extraordinary city whose monuments come alive in the newly launched 136-page book, ‘The Phenomenal Lagos.’

The book, edited by Adebisi Lasisi and Alhaji Kabiru two foremost journalists in Nigeria, details iconic monuments, landmarks and other tourists’ attractions Lagos is known for to commemorate the Lagos at 50 celebration.

The book is a testament of the skills and the reputation of the authors as seasoned writers and journalists with eye for details.

“The book is aimed at promoting growth in Lagos and other sectors in the industry including tourism, entertainment and culture. it contains the history of some popular places in Lagos. It tells us why some places are called the names we can identify them with today. We did not just pick any place in Lagos, there was an extensive debate on the places which are qualified to be called iconic.

DSC_0981“We focused on the different divisions in Lagos and chose the places that have endured for a long time. Some of the vital places we could not identify as part of the 50 iconic places, we did an epilogue which is at the back of the book. We were geared towards publishing a book with a good quality so it can be presentable in any part of the world,” says Lasisi

‘The Phenomenal Lagos’ many interesting information spread across the five divisions in Lagos with an aim to keep inhabitants of Lagos and tourists the necessary information they need about the city.

DSC_0992 “The Phenomenal Lagos is a proof that nothing is impossible. There are so many things to learn from the book about Lagos. Although there were so many obstacles at the initial stage, but Adebisi and I continued to persist because we knew what we wanted to achieve.  I am happy the book is finally out,” explains Kabir.

‘The Phenomenal Lagos’ comes in audio and video format showing the three wise men, the Eyo Festival and other historical facts about Lagos.

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