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Ace To Desire

Ace Desire


The fruity aroma hits my nostrils as I raised the glass to my mouth. A blend of extract from dried red hibiscus flower and alcohol, the new Ace Desire is soothing on the palate leaving that fruity tang in its wake. I took the remaining content in a gulp. Placing down the glass, I could not help but desire more.

Truly, the all new Ace Desire ready-to-drink may just be a perfect way to end the day after a good meal or a side drink to wash down a great lunch, whichever you prefer, having a taste of the new drink isn’t a bad idea.

“Ace Desire is an iconic drink,” explained Franco Maria Maggi, marketing director, Nigerian Breweries Plc, at the product unveiling on Thursday, made from Africa roots. We understand our customers, we know they have evolved and we upgrade our offerings accordingly.”

Ace Desire is a sophisticated blend of spirit with Zobo extract resulting in a tasty rich combination of fruit and spirit. “It is the first flavoured Zobo drink,” Maggi said further. “It is a mix of spirit and Zobo flavour giving a blend of ready to drink spirit mix. A new product from our stable at Nigerian Breweries Plc, we have done many product expansions in the last few years.”

The Ace Desire drink joins other product in the ready-to-drink line of Nigerian Breweries Plc like Ace Passion, an apple-flavoured alcoholic drink which was launched in 2014. Also, Ace Roots, a spirit mixed alcoholic drink made from African herbs and fruits and Ace Rhythm, a mix of Vodka and Citrus joined the Ace family in November and December 2015 respectively.

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