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BMW 5 Series: A New Belle To Have

BMW 5 Series 2017


On Saturday, September 30, the peace of the quiet Banana Island neighbourhood was disrupted with the unveiling of the all new BMW 5 Series by Coscharis Motors at the Banana Island Cultural Festival.

The belle of the moment, the BMW 5 Series stood in all its glory as cultural lovers who were at the event took their turn to admire its agility and sheer beauty.

The new Sedan comes with greater user-friendly features as it is equipped with the latest-generation iDrive system. In top specification, it displays navigation, telephone and entertainment features, plus vehicle functions, on a high-resolution 10.25-inch screen.

The system can be operated using the iDrive Controller, by voice command or gestures, or by touching the display controls directly, as the driver wishes. The large, tile-style panels can be arranged as desired and show the content of the underlying menus in constantly updated form.

The latest-generation full-colour BMW Head-Up Display has a projection surface that is 70 per cent larger than before and displays traffic signs, telephone listings, radio stations, music tracks, navigation instructions and warnings from the assistance systems.

BMW 5 Series 2017

Abiona Babarinde, general manager, marketing and corporate communications, Coscharis Motors, at the unveiling of the new car

Abiona Babarinde, general manager, marketing and corporate communications, Coscharis Motors, said at the unveiling that for the first time ever in the history of BMW 5 Series, the headlights are seamlessly integrated into the kidney grill. He believes Banana Island is one of the ideal suburbs in Lagos for the launch of a car like the BMW 5 series

“Our target market is here. This is a great car to have as the new feature emphasizes the car’s width, and gives it a more sporty and broad stance on the road. However, The BMW 5 Series Sedan further enhanced dynamics, an unbeatable line-up of assistance systems, an unmatched degree of connectivity and a new and innovative operating system are the most important new features,” he explained.

According to him, the car offers a wealth of assistance systems which offer the driver unbeatable support at traffic jams, slow-moving traffic and monotonous stretches of motorway.



“It is fitted as standard with a stereo camera, which teams up with optional radar and ultrasound sensors to monitor the area around the car. New features in the BMW 5 Series alongside the evasion aid and Crossing traffic warning are the Lane Change Assistant and Lane keeping assistant with active side collision protection.

The latter keeps an eye on the lane markings and the area around the car, and actively helps the driver to avoid looming collisions by applying corrective steering inputs.”

Furthermore, the new BMW 5 Series also offers a compelling proposition in terms of connectivity. Extensive BMW ConnectedDrive features are joined by new services which lavish business travellers with extra comfort and save them time.

So if you need that car that connects you to the present and the future, get the all new BMW 5 Series.

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