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Virtual Reality Is The New Way To Experience Destinations


Something new is happening in the world of travel in Nigeria as virtual reality is becoming the new tool to truly experience a destination well ahead of your visit.

With the virtual reality gadget, visitors can have a feel of the destination they intend to travel to while being taken on a guided tour of the tourists’ attractions at the destination virtually.

Femi Lawson, CEO, Skyview Communications and initiator Tourism Innovation and Development Advantage says packaging local tours will get easier with virtual reality as it will help stimulate the interest of prospective visitors in a destination.

“We are creating TIDA for each component of the travel industry to know its place.  We have many people in the industry who are not connected. We need to connect the value chain in the tourism industry.”

Efe Awahn, CEO Avantgarde Tours says, pictures don’t often do justice to the feel and look of a destination.

“Virtual tourism is not the same as the video. It is many steps away from video format. A tourist can imagine himself around the destination. It is like a 360 degrees video about the destination.”

Pelu Awofeso, TIDA, says to encourage the promotion of tourism and develop the value chain, Skyview has put in place Tourism Entrepreneur Development Academy (TEDA).

“Tourism is a major employer of labour in many countries. We need to work with private sector to develop these tourists’ attractions. The young ones must be encouraged to understand their environment and they can take up the job of a tour guide and earn extra income.”

The Virtual Tourism In Nigeria platform will be launched at the 2018 Tourism Innovation and Development Advantage (TIDA) coming up on Thursday February 15, 2018 at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Victoria Island by 10am.

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