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This New Porsche Can Hear Rain Drops

Technology is fast affecting positively every facet of human lives. Beyond opening the communication systems, technology is affecting the way we interact with our cars.  New car designs are employing top-notch technology to take driving a car to a new level.

Luxury car marque has introduced a totally new concept to car engineering with its brand new 2020 Porsche 911 which has ears! The new car actually listens to hear if it is raining. If it is, the car can adjust several settings to give the driver the best grip possible on the road.

Dubbed the 992, it is a significant move from the 991 generations that was introduced for 2012, with evolutionary changes in styling and to the chassis and more significant alterations to the interior and the power train.

The 911 is the eight generation of Porsche’s flagship car, and it comes with a new driver assistance feature, named Wet Mode. The Wet Mode weds fender-mounted sensors to the car’s Engine Control Unit. Some of the sensors are acoustic, which the 992 uses to detect the splashing of water droplets, similar to how rain-sensing wipers work.

A little drop of water thrown up from the wheel would be detected, and the 911 will monitor the situation to ascertain how wet the conditions are. If the roads are wet, the car will alert the driver that the asphalt surface is less than ideal and suggest switching into the wet mode. 

By following the car’s prompting, turning the knob on the steering wheel to Wet Mode and a number of handling characteristics change immediately. The torque curve is tweaked via a smoothing of the throttle response, and dual-clutch PDK-equipped models will deploy a modified shift strategy to mesh perfectly with the new torque curve. The distribution of torque also changes, with the 911 pushing more yank frontwards. The thresholds for the ABS and stability control increase in sensitivity, in a bid to help keep the 911 moving in the right direction.

Some changes to the aerodynamics can also occur if the car decides it’s necessary. Cooling slats in the 911’s front end can be manipulated, as can the rear spoiler, to help diminish the possibility of understeer or oversteer.

Porsche stresses that the Wet Mode system is a support system, able to help the driver, but because it is not a full nanny that restricts the total amount of power or reduces the top speed, you still have to know what you’re doing behind the wheel in the rain. It won’t save you from a wipeout if you’re driving poorly. But it’s a nice addition to an already-incredible machine and will likely be appreciated by future 2020 911 owners.

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