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Traser Presents 50th Anniversary T1000 Collection At The Baselworld

  • It is the brightest self-luminous watch in the world

Traser presents the T1000 Collection at the Baselworld 2019 on Friday in commemoration of the 50thanniversary of its parent company mb-microtec. The collection is reputed to be the brightest self-luminous watch in the world.


Since it was founded in 1989, the Bernese watch brand has positioned set itself a bright pioneering spirit with the idea to be the first self-illuminated watch in the world. 

Designed by an invention of the parent company mb-microtec, it uses trigalight – tiny glass tubes coated with zinc sulphide and filled with tritium will shine with unchanged intensity for at least ten years without an external energy supply such as a battery or sunlight. 

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of mb-microtec, traser has once again created a glowing sensation in its quiver.  It glows with an intensity of over 1000 microlumens and it is fitted with no fewer that 318 trigalight pipes.

In addition, the watch maker also presents P96 Outdoor Pioneer which could be called a perfect timepiece for risk-takers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

The watch belongs to traser’s Tactical Adventure collection and fulfils every need that adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts can expect to face in any situation – be it a sandstorm during a desert rallye, sub-zero temperatures while ice fishing or a cloudburst on the way home through the urban jungle. 

The P96 OdP Evolution is rugged, and it can handle any challenge with ease. Inspired by the athletic and tactical activities of its wearers, they are available in camouflage colours: petrol, grey, black and green.

It comes with a resistant glass-fibre polymer case that provides the main characteristics for this collection. Extremely light, tough and robust, the sporty P96 Outdoor Pioneer is the reliable companion for every adventure. 

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