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Dr. Tosin Ajayi Kicks Off Philanthropic Campaign For African Child

His voice rang through the waiting room at the First Foundation office located on Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos. Defying the torrential downpour that welcomed Lagos to October, he marched into the rain with some members of his staff holding an umbrella above his head.

“The rain won’t stop us today,” he said firmly. With that resolution, he stood at the bus stop holding the banner: ‘This Is It! Africa Future: Solution For The Continuing Africa’s Underdevelopment, Under Performance.”

Year-on-year as the Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer of The First Foundation, Dr Tosin Ajayi has continually lent his voice to proffering solutions to issues around Africa’s underdevelopment. One could tell that he is a medical doctor who is passionate not only about the state of medicine in Africa but the state of other things on the continent.
Based on his experience as a medical practitioner, Ajayi argued that the solution to Africa’s underdevelopment is “better brains, better human performance, first 1, 000 days from conception is the answer.” this view, he boldly printed on one of the banners placed in the waiting room.

Ajayi believes the micronutrients in a pregnant woman should be preserved and be maintained in the life of the child after birth for the first five years, as this will aid the proper development of the child into adulthood. Also, he said a child should be prevented from toxic stress, diseases. That child will grow up to be a complete human being. 

“Why the world is full of terror have we known it. We can change it in one generation. The challenge has been the way we human beings have reproduced. If you look at cockroaches, all cockroaches are cockroaches; all snakes are snakes, a tortoise is a tortoise, all turtles are a turtle. But when you see human beings, all human beings are not the same. In 2014, the level of macronutrients,  the nutrients we all consume from the time of formation in the womb to age five was not what it should be. That is what is causing the problem. On June 18, 2019, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States in their research said the first 1, 000 days in pregnancy and after giving birth to the child is the most important, for development for human beings.”

According to him, this can be achieved if those in authority can make it mandatory for pregnant women to have access to all the micronutrients and nutrients that they need while pregnant and post-pregnancy for the full development of their children. 

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