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Here Is a Car That Can Drive Itself


The entire Banana Island erupted in excitement at the sight of a car that drove itself without anyone on the driver’s seat. It is very uncommon to see something like that. But for the first time in the history of automobile in Nigeria, Coscharis Motors, the sole franchisee of BMW brands in Nigeria, made this possible at the unveiling of the all new BMW 7 Series. Simply put, the BMW 7 Series is the future of modern luxury.

The new BMW 7 Series Sedan was recently launched to great acclaim by Coscharis Motors. Customers and the media alike are immensely impressed with the BMW range-topper, which brings in a new era in the automotive luxury class. Both Customers and select media have been able to make first contact with the new BMW luxury cruiser during the Banana Island Festival at Ikoyi. 


 The President of Coscharis Group, Cosmas Maduka was on hand to show prospective buyers how the new car drive itself unaided. 

“While we are here to celebrate our diversity and culture, we are proud to reveal a unifying first ever BMW X7 and a new 7 Series. These vehicles are borderless on-road power, competency and capability. But to really appreciate these BMW vehicles you need to understand the levels of refinement and innovation captured in them,” said Maduka.

Anyone taking a seat in a sedan in this price range expects the highest level of ride comfort, and the new BMW 7 Series delivers in every respect: its comfortable seats have multiple adjustment options; and with the added benefit of the optional seat climate control including a massage function, they are outstanding in every respect.

The new 7 Series benefits from its optional anti-roll system (“Executive Drive Pro”), which reduces body movement in bends to a minimum. When entering a bend, the Bavarian with its all-wheel steering is noticeably faster than the Audi and Mercedes and appears to have the better handling, not least because of its less pronounced and more manageable responses to throttle adjustment.

The new BMW 7 Series has perfect connectivity: standard features include a high-resolution navigation system with WLAN hotspot for online access and a hands-free Bluetooth mobile phone interface. Despite a multitude of functions, the controls are easy to get used to

In terms of maintenance costs, BMW now offers the best, given that maintenance is included in its price for the first five years and 100,000 kilometres

The progress made in the new BMW 7 Series is best experienced not behind the wheel but on the right-hand side rear seat. This is where you will have time to admire the grand choice of materials, combine the many colours of the ambient lighting system and gaze at the 1,400 virtual stars sparkling on the glass roof. And when you then lie back in the lounge seat and put your feet up while having your back massaged and your nostrils pleasured by aromatic essences, you will begin to grasp what BMW meant when they coined the term ‘The 

In terms of cost efficiency, the 7 Series comes with an unexpected surprise gaining it two bonus points: for five years, BMW will cover maintenance costs, with the customer having to pay for wear parts only.

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