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Porsche, Boeing Partner To Develop A Flying Luxury Car

Porsche and Boeing are partnering to develop a flying luxury car. The companies will work with Boeing subsidiary Aurora to develop an electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing (eVOTL) concept aircraft. The pair announced in a joint press release.

This news is coming a month after Porsche unveiled its first all-electric vehicle, the Taycan. With the partnership with Boeing, Porsche is setting its eyes on the sky.

The two companies want to explore the viability of electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircrafts, the pair. Simply put, they want to build premium personal urban air mobility vehicles or luxury flying cars.

While the agreement does not guarantee that the two companies will produce a flying vehicle together, it shows that they are both serious about the potential market and extending urban traffic into airspace.

“This collaboration builds on our efforts to develop a safe and efficient new mobility ecosystem, and provides an opportunity to investigate the development of a premium urban air mobility vehicle with a leading automotive brand,” Steve Nordlund, VP and general manager of Boeing NeXt, said. “Porsche and Boeing together bring precision engineering, style and innovation to accelerate urban air mobility worldwide.”

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