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Works Of Art And Nature

CEO of Graff, Francois Graff, speaks about the new métiers d’art GyroGraff.

For more than half a century, Graff has been operating at the very pinnacle of the high jewellery industry, manufacturing spectacular pieces that move the heart and stir the soul. Since 2008, Graff Luxury Watches has combined imaginative design and exceptional Swiss engineering to create captivating watch collections and bespoke timepieces.

What is the most important Graff Luxury Watches model today and why?

Our GyroGraff immediately became one of our most important timepieces. Combining rare métiers d’art with an extraordinary in-house movement involving three different complications, it is the pinnacle of watchmaking at Graff. We launched two new piece-unique GyroGraff models at Baselworld – the next chapter in the series of GyroGraff timepieces. They depict Asian landmarks, namely the Great Wall of China and the Temple of Heaven. The detail on them is quite incredible.

What draws the global audience of watch aficionados to Graff Luxury Watches?

Anyone who visits us here at Baselworld knows to expect the unexpected. We are unique in the watchmaking world in that each of our timepieces is a miniature work of art, and we strive to innovate in the use of our diamonds each year. This year, we debuted a new series of GyroGraff watches, our Endangered Species timepieces. Depicting five iconic animals, all of which are listed by the World Wildlife Fund as being under threat, the new collection pioneers a new métiers d’art technique developed exclusively in-house called diamond- marquetry. It encapsulates Graff’s exceptional skill, talent and sensational diamonds.

Where are you currently expanding the business?

Most recently, we have opened new stores in Monaco and Hong Kong. Shortly after Baselworld, we will be opening a new flagship store in Paris, which will give a huge boost to our presence in the French capital. In an exclusive location on Rue Saint-Honoré and designed by the American architect Peter Marino, it promises a Graff experience like no other.

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