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Fancy Teapots

Fancy a teapot? Tea has been some sort of refinement for those who have a unique taste bud for different flavours. Beyond the taste, today, the pots from which they are served are masterpieces that speak of the sophistication of their owners. Here are some of the unique pieces to collect: 

Bethan Gray Teapot


The Victoria teapot  by Bathan Gray measures 17cm x 17cm x 17cm is handcrafted in Italy from marble and brass. It looks really cute with the gold plated handle. It is our luxury find we believe you will truly love. Buy now at:

Green Tea Hand Blown Glass Teapot

Straight out of some imaginary tale worthy of Aladdin and Alice, this pot-bellied, finely ribbed teapot has a long handle that makes a bold and revolutionary statement. Numbered teapots of handblown glass made in France. Available at:

 Sue Pryke Teapot

Produced by British ceramist Sue Pryke, this bare ceramic teapot features a steam bent oak handle and a turned oak wooden top on the lid. The clay is heated at high temperatures to give it a stone-like texture and look. An understated, stripped-back design, it’s produced using semi porcelain clay, and can hold 1 litre / 2 pints. Buy now at: 

Hay Teapot

This marbled teapot is made from porcelain and stone. It is exquisite in every sense of the world. It will make a great addition to your breakfast table. Available at

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