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The Difference Between A Tailor, Designer and Businessman —- MUDI Africa

There is a difference between a tailor, designer and businessman. Over the years, many people cannot differentiate between the three. Below, Mudiagha Clement Enajemo, founder, MUDI Africa, gives his view:


There are people, who are creative, they can imagine, illustrate and create designs. He may not know how to sew, it doesn’t matter.  He gives it to cutters and tailors to express or interpret his idea. These are designers.

There are people, who are just businessmen. They are not creative, they don’t know how to sew.  They just assemble tailors somewhere and they say they are designers. Meanwhile, they are not designers, they are businessmen.

Savile Row Tailor, London.

There are people who hide under suit making they call themselves designers.  They are just suitmakers who don’t cut or know how to sew.

 There are people who are tailors, who cut, sew and also design their pieces.  They measure you accurately. They know about the hem and seam.  They are like the Savile Row tailors in the UK who are legends of their craft.

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