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4 Emerging Luxury Brands To Watch In Nigeria

There is a new vision or definition of what luxury means in the 21st Century as consumers, in the Western world, are beginning to prize objects touched or made by human hands more than anything else.

In a changing world where exclusivity in luxury is now being defined along the lines of the story, a brand seeks to tell through its craft, be it a new take on indigenous textiles, a reinterpretation of artisanal techniques, or a genuine understanding of their identity and influences. The meaning or nature of luxury may be fast-changing.

Luxury was once synonymous with exclusivity, and aspiration, today it resonates with a much younger consumer through pillars of authenticity, emotional connection, uniqueness, and environmental consciousness. It is in line with this new reality that we have listed below some emerging luxury brands to watch in Nigeria:

ÀbélàTM by Scents of Africa® is an African-grown Luxury Home Fragrance and Aromatherapy brand handcrafted in Lagos, Nigeria. Its comprehensive range of on-shelf and fine bespoke fragrance and aromatherapy products are for use in the home, office, spas, hotels and personal care.

The brand was conceived in December 2015, and it was born in the home of its brand creator, Paul-Inyang. Inspired by exotic scents, Paul-Inyang desired to create a sensational brand of cosmic proportions inspiring fusion of African creativity and its global influence.

A lot of thought and diligence went into the production of her range and their packaging. Paul-Inyang sourced for an artist who designed the motif for her diffuser and scented candle bottles. This bespoke motif made exclusively for her, tells of a brand that is positioning itself as a luxury perfumery brand of choice on the continent.

Its collections include home fragrance diffusers, perfume candles, luxury room sprays, travel candles, aroma burner oils, aroma clays and potpourri. It also includes scented pods/sachets, insect repellent candles, purifying beeswax candles, aromatherapy candles, aromatherapy bath salts, cars scents, aromatherapy linen including pillow sprays.

Noji Art
The brand name is derived from the maiden name its founder, Lara Cookey. She decided to replace the ‘A’ in her maiden name, Onajide with ‘O’ from which she forms NOJI. Her family have been artists and creative people for generations, and the name Onajide means “Renaissance of Art”.
Her designs are inspired by her environment, nature. The label is an expression of bold femininity in the African woman. About a third of Noji Art’s current designs have elegant women wearing gele.

The brand’s designs find expression in 100 per silk fabric. The luxury scarf shows the purity and fluidity of the silk. The finishing of the edges, the quality of the printing are some of the unique features of a Noji Art piece. The finishing comes with a hand-rolled hem. The quality and design are comparable to Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton.

The uniqueness of her designs and the quality of silk materials used in her creations make Noji Art a brand to watch in Africa in the next few years.

E’Sorae Luxury
E’Sorae Luxury is a premium bedding, and home fragrance company started in 2009 by Ewaen Sorae. Before the company was open for business, most Nigerians import their premium beddings from abroad.
Over the years, it has become a trusted brand for premium home linens.

TPS Luxury
TPS Luxury is the brainchild of Princess Adebowale Odutola. Her label, TPS Luxury, which was conceived in 2014, is a line of handmade accessorized handbags and footwear with an ethnic touch. Her love for bags led her to make bags with local fabrics like Ankara, Adire fabrics.

TPS Luxury

Her Oba Sijuwade Embellished bags (OS by TPS), is to die for and stands out of the pack. Each piece in the collection is made from broken pearls. Using needle and thread, the craftsmen meticulously arranged the pearls on each bag, paying great attention to detail. In a limited edition of 12 pieces, it takes an average of six hours daily to arrange the pearls. Making it a total of 11 days to bead a whole bag.

The intensity of her beaded collection makes her brand, one to watch. In addition to Fendi that does beaded bags, TPS luxury comes next. She has named her collections after famous women like Olori Ladun Sijuwade, Adebisi Abiola, Dolapo Osinbajo, Stella Adadevoh, Hajia Ireti Kingibe, Dame Abimbola Fashola, Hajia Bola Shagaya amongst other women. Her embellished bags are very royal in outlook and timeless.

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